Hi! So here’s some selfie of us today! Ignore my face,I know I very ugly..

Okay,so this is what we did.
1)We went to City Square Mall and bought play dough. We wanted to buy husky soft toys..But.. Its out of stock and we were really upset. So we went back to Nex. But the water play(the place we want to take video of the Cold Water Bucket Challenge) but they were repairing.. We then walk down to arcade. But, there were enemies there(Especially ec and om)! They chased us and made fun of us. We were really ANGRY! And we storm up to make the riddles video. We were sorry for not ending cos Yenlyn’s phone..haizz.. out of storage.. so were cut off when we wanted to do the ending. But its a good thing cos I can don’t do my punishment 😀 But we might upload on Thurs cos.. her phone no storage like I told you just now. Sorry. So,next,we went to playground and do scrapbook and play! After that..we went home. Today was quite fun la. We planning to meet again on Dec. We going to upload more video. We really have to cause next year we won’t meet that much again(If you want to know why. Read on. We are going to different secondary school–>high chance) But we will still meet after school to make video and chat and also Sat dance lesson 🙂 We are still BFFL(best friend for life. In case you are wondering what does that means) For more questions or fan mail,email me at askhuilin@gmail.com and yenlyn’s one is askyenlyn@yahoo.com .



  1. yenlynneofanpage · November 14, 2015

    No! You are very pretty!!

    Oh.. But it’s okay! As long as got video upload soon can already 🙂 .
    Can I have a picture of how the scrapbook look like? Really curious!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yenlynneofanpage · November 14, 2015

    Welcome&Thanks! @Hldiary
    It’s okay! The readers will understand^^ @yenlynneo

    Liked by 1 person

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