Q&A with Yenlyn Neo Yishan!

Yenlyn(Q):what would you choose your job as when you grow up?
Me(A):Blogger and youtuber(Same as @yenlynneo)

Me(Q):What are your hobbies?
Yenlyn(A):Chatting and sleeping

Yenlyn(Q):Are you insecure about your looks?
Me(A):No,cos the thing is, I love myself. So I’ve accepted that’s it’s fine not to be perfect.

Yenlyn(Q):If you could be an animal,what animal would u choose to be?
Me(A):Dog/panda(For yenlyn is hamster)

Me:Do you think you are a good dancer? How much do you rate for yourself?

To be continued later or tomorrow^^ We are now deciding the first post for our video at Youtube^^ Must support! Thanks!



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