Q&A Game with YenlynNeo/Yenlynneotkgs ! (part 1)

Yenlyn(Q):If there’s one thing you can change about yourself what would it be?

Me(Q):If you only had 1 day to live, what would you do?
Yenlyn(A):I would spend my day at the beach in Germany and see the scenery before i die and also bring along someone very special along with me.

Yenlyn(Q):what type of music genre do you go for?

Me(Q):Name one person in class you would least like to be stuck with on a desert island.  Why?
Yenlyn(A):NAN,because if we spend one night together one of us would be alive the next day only

Yenlyn(Q):Where’s your favourite hangout place?

To be continued tomorrow.




  1. yenlynneo · September 3, 2015

    looking forward:)


  2. hldiary · September 4, 2015

    R U online here?


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