Q&A with YenlynNeo! Part 5~

Yenlyn:What are your stats?
Me:Weight:28kg,Height 148cm

Me:What personality traits would cause you to end a friendship?
Yenlyn:betray,lied(for a huge thing),prove to me that he/she is not trustworthy. i thinkthat should be all.

Yenlyn:What things if a guy does that will make you break the relationship?
Me:Erh…Oblivious to my feeling,betray my feeling,break trust, make someone else more important then me

Me:What is the most childish thing you still do?
Yenlyn:Playin hide n seek with cousins

Yenlyn:What is your favourite candle scent?

Me:What is your deepest darkest fear?
Yenlyn:being chased at night

Yenlyn:What is your favourite drink?

Me:What is the one quality or feature you would like to change about yourself?
Yenlyn:My lips. I love thin lips!

Yenlyn:If you were a blogger in future, what type of videos would you blog about?
Me:Friends and personal life^^

Me:Would you ever cheat on your crush(AA) if he were your boyfriend?

Yenlyn:How many relationship do you think you’ll have in future?

Me:If you were to be granted one wish, what would this wish be?
Yenlyn:I wish that every wishes i make come true. (sleeping the whole day jk)

Yenlyn:If you were a guy for a day what naughty thing would you do?
Me:Kick nan’s gang

Me:If you were rescuing P6C from a burning building, but you had to leave one behind, who would it be?

Yenlyn:Would you rather take a picture with Naomi Neo or Jian Hao?
Me:Naomi Neo!(sorry jian hao)
Thats for today Q&A!



Q&A with Yenlyn Neo Yishan!

Yenlyn(Q):what would you choose your job as when you grow up?
Me(A):Blogger and youtuber(Same as @yenlynneo)

Me(Q):What are your hobbies?
Yenlyn(A):Chatting and sleeping

Yenlyn(Q):Are you insecure about your looks?
Me(A):No,cos the thing is, I love myself. So I’ve accepted that’s it’s fine not to be perfect.

Yenlyn(Q):If you could be an animal,what animal would u choose to be?
Me(A):Dog/panda(For yenlyn is hamster)

Me:Do you think you are a good dancer? How much do you rate for yourself?

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More about my bff n I !

Favourite colour
Me:Green,red,purple and blue!

Fav. Food

Yenlyn:dancing when listening songs(pop songs also)
Me:dancing and rollerblading

Yenlyn:27 November
Me:10 March

Something you like?
Yenlyn:i’m a garl that is obsessed with music.
Me:Dk yet

Fav. Book(s)?
Me:creepella,thea,dork diaries,geronimo stilton

Yenlyn: Yenlyn Neo YiShan(梁益善)
Me: Lee Hui Lin

Yenlyn: short girl in my family, laughs a lot when happy, weird, when angry get quite fierce you can say, love wearing pants, love black and white, love stitch(toy) and love pet dogs, dreaming to migrate to Germany or Holland to live there till i die.
Me:second shortest in my family,funny,pants lover,love rillakuma,love dogs

yenlyn:Naomi Neo phone number

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Q&A with yenlyn! Part 3!

Me:If you and someone else were the only people alive on Earth, who would you pick the other 2 friends to be with you?
Yenlyn:HuiLin and Lyndy

Yenlyn:which boy is the most handsome in our class?
Me:AA lor…(givin u “face”…jkjk)

Me:If you had to listen to only three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Yenlyn: Apink NoNoNo, Ariana Grande One Last Time, Lyn Missing You Cry

Yenlyn:Which channel do you often watch in TV?
Me:Channel 8&5

Me:Q: Which girl in your grade do you think is the meanest? And .Which guy in your grade do you think is the meanest?
To be continued tomorrow! Thanks for reading it!


Q&A with Yenlyn(my best bud) Part 2!

Me(Q):What do you think the best thing would be about being a boy?
Yenlyn(A):Boys can be tall and i love being tall not short

Yenlyn(Q):How old are you when you had your first crush?
Me(A):12~13 cos idh a crush yet…hehe

Me(Q):What sacrifices are you willing to make for your crush?
Yenlyn(A):I would be willing to sacrifice everything for the one i love.

Yenlyn(Q):What is your ideal type of guy?
Me(A):Tall,funny,kind and caring

Me(Q):Fav teacher and least fav teacher?
Yenlyn(A):Fav teacher:Mrs Kathy Tham
Least fav:Mrs Sharath

Yenlyn(Q):What will you do if you had super power(s)
Me(A):I will make NAN gang become “extinct”

Me(Q):If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
Yenlyn(A):My brain

Yenlyn(Q):If you had a country of your own,what would you name it?
Me(A):Hui Lin

Me(Q):If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?
Yenlyn(A):Nobody cos idk who is famous in history

Yenlyn(Q):Which feature of your face would you like to change if you could?

Continued later at part 3! Stay tune!

Q&A Game with YenlynNeo/Yenlynneotkgs ! (part 1)

Yenlyn(Q):If there’s one thing you can change about yourself what would it be?

Me(Q):If you only had 1 day to live, what would you do?
Yenlyn(A):I would spend my day at the beach in Germany and see the scenery before i die and also bring along someone very special along with me.

Yenlyn(Q):what type of music genre do you go for?

Me(Q):Name one person in class you would least like to be stuck with on a desert island.  Why?
Yenlyn(A):NAN,because if we spend one night together one of us would be alive the next day only

Yenlyn(Q):Where’s your favourite hangout place?

To be continued tomorrow.


Lets do that again after the following week! It was so fun at the playground! Missing it! Of course,we are going to the Pets Safari first. Will be missing our “slurpee party”… Cos we cant do that this week and next week…

True friend never die!